Structural Engineers London

The structural elements of any building are central to ensuring security and safety for all users. Our team of structural engineers specialise in providing practical solutions for both small and large scale buildings.

Our structural engineers are skilled at working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, consulting with landlords, construction professionals, architects and residential and commercial property owners to develop dynamic solutions for any building.

With a passionate, highly qualified team of specialists, we guarantee excellent service and approach all of our projects with a dedication to reducing your costs and a commitment to providing the support you need to stabilise any building or bridge.

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Our Structural Engineering Services

We offer a range of structural engineering services. Our expert team is skilled at identifying potential weaknesses in any structure and pinpointing cost-effective ways to improve the stability of a building.

Why Choose Us?

Structural engineering is a specialist field, and there’s a lot of responsibility placed on civil engineers shoulders to ensure they perform their role correctly. A structural engineer is responsible for providing a building that will withstand the test of time and won’t succumb to the elements.

While structural performance specialists start as civil engineers, they specialise in the more complex field and offer a more bespoke service.

Our structural engineers are fully certified and work on a range of small and large projects. When it comes to reliability, security and expertise in design, you can rest assured that we’ll help you build a solid and stable future.

Fully Certified by the Institution of Structural Engineers

Each of our engineers started with a civil engineering degree, then continued to specialise in structural design.

Becoming a certified professional takes a lot of hard work, further study and dedication, so you can rest assured that our structural specialists are fully qualified to handle any project, whether it’s on a small or large scale.

Specialising in Structural Stability

While other design disciplines are essential, structural stability is something that no person should overlook. It’s a vital component of architecture and construction because stability is central to preserving a building.

If there’s an explosion, fire, or any event that might cause damage, it’s the structural engineer’s job to advise on design principles to strengthen the building.

We’ll perform an in-depth analysis to make sure that your building components are stable without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your building.

Popular Structural Engineering Services

Reports & Surveys

Reporting and surveying a building enables us to identify and weaknesses and offer suggestions on how to fix them. There’s a lot of preparation work to consider, including securing party awards to facilitate legal and safe construction work and measuring the building and surrounding land to produce scale drawings.

We’ll always provide you with the best structural engineer services, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a high level of support and can prepare for your building work with confidence.

Our reporting and surveying services include:

Structural Design and Building Services

Creating stable and efficient structures isn’t an easy job because it requires an eye for detail and understanding of complex geometry. Civil engineers must take a base concept and adapt it into a draft that builders can use to bring the structural solution to life.

Our engineers work hard to stick to design disciplines while analysing costs, potential solutions and advising which materials are best for the construction.

  • Modifying Buildings to Improve Strength
  • Creating Detailed Calculations and Plans
  • Inspections and Reports
  • Structural Detailing

Geotechnical Design and Engineering

This specialised area of engineering is a service we’re proud to offer because it’s vital for applying rock and earth mechanics in structural design. We use geometry for industrial projects such as tunnels, dams and reservoirs.

The process of developing sound structures through knowledge of geotechnical design techniques demands attention to detail, but we’re confident our skilled engineers can help you to establish a strong design.

  • Contaminated Land Re-Design and Development
  • Fixing Problem Sites
  • Investigations into Structural Subsidence
  • Foundation Design
building structural investigations

Full Design Packages

A key part of structural engineering is to provide detailed designs to facilitate more straightforward construction. This could be working with architects and construction managers to draw up plans or creating designs for solar panels, and generating 3D models.

We use the most advanced technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), facilitating better collaboration with the architect and project manager.

Adaptions to Secure Planning Permission

When it comes to securing planning permission for both residential and architectural projects, we understand that many things could impact your build going ahead, and our team is always available to suggest alterations.

Your dedicated structural engineer will work with your team to remove any constraints that might impact your build and develop enhanced designs that address any potential structural issues.

We Work Across All Projects

In our many years as an engineering company, we’ve had the pleasure of providing numerous clients with planning, design and implementation support. Our engineers can work on various projects, regardless of size and scope, providing innovative and specialised structural solutions.

Everything we do is tailored to your needs, and we approach each project with professionalism, regardless of its complexity. Whatever your requirements, our engineering team can work with you to ensure each element of your building is structurally sound.

Expert Witnesses

For ten years, AC Design Solutions has provided advice and support for civil and structural engineering issues. An expert witness has a wealth of knowledge and can help you with any structural problems you might encounter.

Whether it’s providing a survey, appearing as a court witness or investigating an accident, a fully certified and experienced structural engineer will be able to offer guidance, expertise and support to address your issues.

Residential Buildings


  • Home Renovations
  • New Builds
  • Extensions
  • Historical Sites & Listed Buildings
  • Basement/Loft Conversions

Commercial Projects


  • Shop/Factory Reconfiguration
  • Shopping Centres
  • Office Design and Extensions
  • Infrastructural Development

Geotechnical Work


  • Agricultural Projects
  • Tunnels
  • Dams

Structural Engineering projects – small size to large scale

In addition to large scale structural engineering developments, AC Design Solutions carry out a wide range of small to medium-size projects across London and the UK, including small residential projects involving:

Inhouse civil engineering

AC Design offers an in-house civil engineering option. One of the key tasks of a civil engineer is to plan, design and supervise the construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure.

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High-quality engineering standards compliance

AC Design Solutions strictly adhere to high-quality engineering standards throughout.

Buildings are often complex and must be correctly designed and engineered to bespoke specification, first time. This is only made possible by ensuring a highly experienced engineering team are engaged from the outset to ensure the structures made are safe.

From the straightforward to the most complex engineering project, we ensure compliance to professional industry standards is robustly applied.

Our structural engineering capability, using the very latest design techniques, includes all types of structural projects, temporary, historic or new. From private home ‘new builds’ to loft conversions, and any timber joist work necessary for the refurbishment of business properties.

We are also often called upon to solve structural challenges for some of the more unusual projects. As with any task undertaken, we tackle each and every project to a high level of professional engineering standards and client satisfaction.

Hydrogeological Surveys

An important part of a structural engineering survey prior to basement work is carrying out a Hydrogeology Survey to determine the flow of water below ground. A report is arranged to assess the impact of ‘expected’ water flow and the basement development.

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Structural Engineering Report Surveys & Investigations

Our structural engineering team has over ten years of extensive knowledge and experience of construction techniques combined with continuous refurbishment projects.

Building Investigations

Critical investigations into existing buildings, their defects and current condition are regularly undertaken. Concrete is increasingly affected by an adversely polluted environment. A variety of tests can be carried out to determine current suitability.

Corrosion in a building’s steelwork can exert an expansive force, cracking open the masonry facades.

Building Failures

Inspection of dangerous structures at short notice is not unusual

Our extensive structural engineering knowledge of historic and listed buildings allows a quick but reliable assessment to determine the extent of further detailed investigation and remedial work required.

Subsidence & Movement Surveys

House movement is a common structural engineering task. Especially, in London and its ageing building stock clustered in numerous locations.

Laser surveys scan the external facade of a building to provide highly accurate details of wall surface distortions, such as leaning and bowing.

Dimension Surveys

Dimensional surveys is a structural engineering technique to accurately measure 3-dimensional spaces.  The area between each point is precisely determined to create digitally mapped distances and angles.

Mortgage Surveys

A structural engineering appraisal of a residential property to support a mortgage application can often be requested just a day before the exchange.

Survey reports specific to the property are completed by a chartered engineer. Each and every property defect item will be itemised, and where possible, appropriate repairs and anticipated costs evaluated.

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