Modular Building Services

1 in 7 houses in the UK are modular buildings

Modular construction is a long established way of building low cost, low maintenance residential apartments, sports halls, office and commercial buildings.

A modular building can be completed in nearly half the time – 40 per cent quicker than traditional methods.

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How are modular buildings created?

Engineered for utilities

Modular buildings are usually constructed from concrete, steel or wood. Several of the individual sections are also engineered for the installation of key functions, either when made or after assembly, including:

  • Windows and Doors.
  • Electricity and Gas supply.
  • Lighting.
  • Heating.
  • Water and sewage.
  • Telecommunications and Internet.

Modular sections can be designed for assembling in a number of different configurations. A series of interlocking connectors are used to firmly secure the modules together.

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Why Choose AC Design Solutions for Modular Construction Services?

Cost-Effective Construction Technology

In recent years, new high standard construction technology, such as volumetric techniques (modular building) is involved with a diverse range of house and office installation projects.

Modular building services have seen a renewed interest in cost-effective, modular building solutions, widely used in the UK during the post-war reconstruction of 1940s – 1960s.

Today, around 200,000 newbuild homes are completed annually in the UK. Of which, 15,000 are built to a modular construction. (Source: Industry Study, Mordor Intelligence, 2022).

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

High standards of accuracy and compliance with building regulations are integral to the design and development of a modular building. Whether a home, office or other type of residential or business space.

Under the ‘Design for Manufacture and Assembly‘ (DfMA) guidelines, all stages of the process should conform to 3 principles:

  • Minimum number of parts.
  • Standardised components.
  • Easy, one-method only assembly.

Manufacturing control systems

Modular building requires all assembly tolerances to be rigorously controlled. Use of CAD design and other building technology systems are essential for modular construction. They ensure highest specification alignment and assembly during the on-site build.

Key advantages of modular construction buildings

Modular construction provides a number of key advantages for a project that may be limited by time and budget, including:

Advance production of each module

Faster onsite preparations can proceed for important items such as foundations, other ground support work and utility supply.

Different parts of building can be assembled at same time

Further reduction to complete a project on time and to budget.

Reduced material wastage (up to 90 per cent)

Lower costs and environmental impact – when construction is controlled at the source of manufacture.

Higher quality of product and building service

As a result of improved operating processes and product control monitoring.

Finished construction module more robust

Superior standard of durability compared to a conventional build. This is because a modular unit must strictly conform to regulations for both transportation and on-site assembly.

Elimination of costly delays

Typically caused by adverse weather or other on-site building issues.

Reduced risk of outside moisture captured in materials

Built modules constructed within enclosed manufacturing space.

Space can be expanded over time by adding more modules

Alternatively, an entire construction can be dismantled and relocated to one or more sites, according to customer requirement.

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