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In London, when space is of a premium, but you’re keen to add value to your property and extend your home’s footprint, renovating your basement is a great solution.

Get a basement impact assessment that transforms your existing basement into additional living space.

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Do I need a basement impact assessment?

If you live in London where space to expand your property is limited, converting the basement is an incredibly popular way to increase the existing footprint of your home.

While converting existing basements can seem like a natural solution to increase the value of your property, the potential adverse effects on neighbouring properties and the surrounding natural environment has to be taken into consideration by the Local Authority, even if you don’t live in a conservation area.

Why do I need planning permission for a basement extension?

All Local Authorities in Greater London require a basement impact assessment to support a planning application to develop a basement.

Whether you’re converting an existing basement into a new kitchen, or you’re building a new basement to accommodate a subterranean development, you need a basement impact assessment.

What is Needed for a Basement Impact Assessment?

The requirements of your basement impact assessment will vary depending on the London Borough you live in, with each local authority having their own in-house preferred approach.

In general, in planning permission applications for basement developments, you are expected to have taken into account three considerations:

  1. Ground investigation including ground movements, land stability, ground conditions, and structural appraisal i.e. the impact on existing buildings and neighbouring properties.
  2. Surface water such as drainage and flooding risks.
  3. Groundwater conditions including flow obstruction and flooding risks.

In some London boroughs they might refer to the assessment as a Groundwater Screening Assessment, or as is the case in Westminster, a structural methodology statement, but it’s the same thing.

Different boroughs will place different weight on the assessment. Some will only require a desk study, whereas others will need a full impact assessment, including a site investigation, as part of the planning permission process.

The Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) Process

  • An experienced member of our team will review your site and help guide you through the complex process of carrying out a basement impact assessment.

  • You will need to answer a few questions so that your dedicated planner can create a plan that fits with your timescale and budget.

  • We will come to your site and visually assess the space, as well as carry out a desk study, evaluating and assessing the impact of a basement construction on your site.

  • Your dedicated planner will put together a robust report, with the regulator and your local authorities in mind, so you can get your site approved and your basement development built.

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AC Design Solutions has helped hundreds of property owners in many London boroughs develop their basements, increasing the value of their property and expanding the footprint of their home.

Carrying out basement construction requires more than simply digging down into the foundations of your home. So if you’re just starting out on your renovation journey, or you’re in need of some guidance about dealing with your local planning authority, or whether your proposed development falls under permitted development rights, get in touch with us today.

The Cost of Unassessed Basement Applications

A basement impact assessment can seem like a lot of work, but if you don’t have an adequate assessment to support your planned major works, it could cost you more money and time in the long run, as well as:

  • Unfeasible development plans

  • Time delays

  • Damage to neighbouring properties

  • Unsellable property

  • Uninsurable property

  • Regulatory complications

If you require planning permission to develop your basement, paying an expert to carry out your impact assessment is a small price to pay to give you clarity on the viability of your project.

We will meet the requirements of your local planning authority

If you’re keen to develop your basement in your London property, or carry out basement construction on your London home, trust AC Design Solutions to prepare your basement impact assessment for you.

We will make sure that your assessment meets the specific planning applications guidance in your particular borough, in accordance with any recent changes or updates.

The requirements for each borough are different, and our dedicated team of structural engineers will meet your borough’s specific requests.

Our extensive experience and expertise means we can advise you through every stage of your basement development, helping you secure planning permission for your project hassle-free.

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