Adding an Additional Storey

This project involved going back into planning for an additional storey.

AC Design Solutions provided consultancy for the additional planning and structural engineering services for the consultation.

Services Provided

  • Structural Engineering Consultancy
  • Disproportionate Collapse Statement
  • Portal Frame Design
  • Architectural & Structural Drawings
  • Planning Permission Application
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Interior Design

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Adding a Penthouse to Luxury Apartments

AC Design Solutions was tasked with undertaking the work required to add an additional storey to a block of luxury apartments. The goal was to create a luxurious penthouse suite, complete with large balcony.

The job involved carrying out a structural analysis of the additional floor, in addition to a disporoportionate collapse statement of the existing building. Part of the analysis included calculating the strucutral load on existing joints and beams and advising the client on the appropriate materials to use for the construction of the additional floor.

When the analysis and reports were complete, we applied for planning permisssion for the additional storey. The application was approved and construction began.

After construction we then followed our interior design plans to decorate and furnish the luxury penthouse, ready for the new owner.

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