New Luxury Apartment Block

This project involved the complete design and construction of a five storey block of luxury apartments.

AC Design Solutions provided consultancy from the very beginning of the project, working with the client from concept right through to the finished build.

Services Provided

  • Structural Engineering Consultancy
  • Design Access Statements
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Architectural & Structural Drawings
  • Architectural Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Planning Permission Application
  • Interior Design

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Building a New Block of Luxury Apartments

AC Design Solutions was approached to undertake structural engineering consultancy for a brand new block of luxury apartments in London.

We reviewed the existing plans the client had in place and designed access statements to comply with local regulations, taking into account existing infrastructure and the expected increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

In addition, a Visual Impact Assessment was required to ensure the new block of luxury apartments was not infringing on any surrounding properties.

Following these Assessments, we applied for planning permission on the client’s behalf once all the required paperwork, reports and assessments had been completed.

Any civil engineering works that were required as a result of these Assessments was carried out by our specialist team.

We also provided interior design consultancy to ensure each luxury apartment was finished to the highest standards, creating a beautiful space for the new inhabitants to enjoy.

Creating a Beautiful New Space

Each apartment benefits from a beautiful and tranquil shared outdoor garden.

Stunning Interior Design

A high standard of interior design throughout ensures the maximum return on investment for the client and provides new tenants with a stunning, fully equipped, modern living space where every inch of space is utilised.

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