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AC Design Solutions offers complete BIM modelling services in London.

We work with the customers from the initial schematic design stage, to building design development and implementation. Our team of trained and qualified professionals gathers viable building information and insights about the project, and uses the experience and expertise garnered over the years to build information models from basic sketches.

We take care of the documentation and all the information in the BIM process, create CAD drawings, analyse the data and create the content.

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3D Building Modelling Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a trending topic among construction industry specialists, including architects. BIM has rapidly changed the way teams carry out the planning and coordination that goes into producing the designs for a building construction. BIM enables architects to move away from paper drafting, relying on software to create designs instead.

At AC Design Solutions, we are committed to providing tailored, pragmatic solutions, regardless of which sector the project belongs to. We provide exceptional building information modelling architecture London.

We use BIM architecture throughout our design process to improve the quality of our designs, as well as accelerate the building and construction of your projects.

We have hands-on experience in and around London creating virtual animated designs that our customers can use to wow everyone in the vicinity, which allows them to let others view the potential of the projects that they had in mind and cinch a lucrative deal.

Simply contact us today and provide the details of your projects to our experts, and leave the timely execution to us.

Benefits of 3D Building Modelling

BIM enables information on all aspects of building performance requirements to be integrated into the modelling of the building as its design progresses. This information can then be used by the whole project team, and be passed onto the client on completion of the project.

BIM allows architects to model the building in 3D so that all detailing issues can be considered as the design develops. This helps all parties coordinate their work, as well reduce disputes and help to resolve any issues that may arise during construction.

World Class BIM Architecture

  • Animated imagery
  • Geographic data
  • Light Analysis
  • Quantities of material required for the building of the project
  • Spatial relationships
  • Tailored solutions based on the project size
  • The use of the latest BIM technology
  • Variety of solutions available, ranging from basic layouts to complex 4D models
  • Virtual design and construction services
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What is BIM Architecture?

BIM architecture, also known as Building Information Modeling architecture, is a digital design and construction process that uses 3D modeling software to create a virtual representation of a building or structure.

BIM architecture is a collaborative process that involves architects, engineers, and other construction professionals working together to create a detailed and accurate model of a building. The model contains information about the physical and functional characteristics of the building, such as the location of walls, doors, windows, and mechanical and electrical systems.

BIM architecture allows for the creation of a fully coordinated and integrated design that reduces errors and conflicts during construction. The software used in BIM architecture also allows for the analysis of the building’s performance, such as energy efficiency and environmental impact, before construction begins.

BIM architecture has become increasingly popular in the architecture and construction industry due to its ability to improve project efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration among team members.

What type of architectural drawings are available as part of BIM?

As part of BIM architecture, there are several types of architectural drawings that are commonly used. These include:

  1. Floor plans: These drawings show the layout of each floor of the building, including the location of walls, doors, windows, and other features.
  2. Elevations: These drawings show the vertical view of the exterior of the building, including the height and arrangement of windows, doors, and other features.
  3. Sections: These drawings show a cut-through view of the building, displaying the internal features of walls, floors, and ceilings.
  4. Details: These drawings show specific construction details, such as the connection between different materials, or the installation of specific building components.
  5. 3D models: These are digital models that allow for a detailed and interactive visualization of the building, which can be used for analysis and communication purposes.

In BIM architecture, all of these types of architectural drawings are typically created and managed within a single digital model. This allows for a more efficient and coordinated design process, where changes made to one aspect of the model can be automatically reflected in all other aspects of the design.

We can provide BIM Services alongside building surveys, basement impact assessments, sustainable property design, structural surveys, home extensions, property extensions, residential structural engineering and other structural engineering services.

Why Choose AC Design Solutions for your Building Modelling?

We offer a high quality service – based up by exceptional client testimony and reviews. We provide BIM Architectural Services and Consultancy to people and businesses across London. We’re established and accredited by CIARB, IPWS, we’re also a CMI Member, CIAT chartered practice and a CABE company affiliate.

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    Recent Projects

    BIM Architectural Detailing

    While you can handle the bigger aspects of your project, leave the BIM details to us. We leverage our BIM skills and experience as professional architects and combine them to provide precise architecture detailed drawings.

    Considering that builders rely on these drawings’ accuracy during construction to create a flawless structure, it is vital that you only hire the best (hint: us!) for these detail-oriented drawings.

    AC Design solutions use state-of-the-art BIM technology, techniques and human resources to deliver dimensionally accurate details. Our BIM architectural detailing services include:

    • Architectural Elevation Drawing
    • Architectural Floor Plan Drawing
    • Cross-Sectional Drawing
    • Dimensional Plan
    • Site Plan

    If you want a BIM service provider that doesn’t clear away your bank and still provide you exceptional service, contact AC Design Solutions today!

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