Flat Construction & Shop Conversion

This project involved the construction of 2 blocks of flats, each 5 storeys high. One of the blocks had a shop on the ground floor.

The existing shop was demolished and the new block constructed in its place, while the other block was built to the rear.

AC Design Solutions were consulting engineers until the planning application was approved, after which we were lead designers on the project, being responsible for the architectural design of the building including all interior layouts.

From a mechanical engineering perspective we designed all duct runs, MVHR systems and electrical point locations, which allowed us to align these with the interior layout and design of each flat.

Services Provided

  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Engineering Consultancy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architectural & Structural Drawings
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Planning Application
Once the project was complete we provided an Asset Management Review and recommended the client apply for the construction of an additional floor, adding another 2 flats to the block.

We provided planning application consultancy to another architect, MZA, and have since taken over the planning applications for both tower blocks.

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Flat Construction & Shop Conversion

AC Design Solutions was tasked with handling the architectural design and construction of the new 5 storey block of flats to sit above the new shop.

The project involved the demolition of the existing shop and replacing it with a newly built commercial retail space, with a separate entrance providing access to the tower block.

We provided structural load calculations and drawings to the construction manager, along with architectural drawings detailing the exterior facade and interior layouts including ductwork and electrical points.

AC Design Solutions was responsible for overseeing all aspects mechanical engineering including, steelwork, supporting beams, pipework and MHVR systems.

Since the project has been completed, the client has since contacted us to take the project back into planning to add an additional floor on top of the block. The application is now in progress.

Designing Bright, Spacious Properties

Each flat is finished to a high standard of interior design, offering a bright and beautiful space complete with balcony overlooking the road and amenities below.

Stunning Interior Design

A high standard of interior design throughout ensures the maximum return on investment for the client and provides new tenants with a stunning, fully equipped, modern living space where every inch of space is utilised.

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