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One essential part of any building or renovation work that you are unlikely to be tempted to put together yourself is a set of construction drawings.

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Construction Drawings Approved in London

A really professional set of drawings can even help you visualise the finished build in London long before you even make a final decision on whether you’re going to go ahead and seek planning permission. In fact, even if you’re only thinking about what you might do in the future, a set of construction drawings will show you the possibilities, and might even inspire you to make a start.

What construction drawings and plans are needed to apply for planning permission?

We’ll discuss your plans with you to see what you have in mind. It’s worth remembering that planning permission and lawful development certificates expire, so if you’re not sure what you need, we are happy to chat to you.

What’s the difference between planning drawings and construction drawings?

For planning drawings, there only needs to be an indication of overall dimensions – sizes of windows and doors aren’t necessarily needed here. No information is needed on construction methods, but materials and colour of external surfaces should be detailed. Our architectural design services are available to to assist in all aspects of property design.

Construction drawings are where the bulk of the information is held. All dimensions must be shows, all aspects of building regulations including stairs, fire protection, and basically anything that makes a house safe to live in. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Why Choose Us?

We believe that we are best placed to work with you to get the end result you dreamed of. We have extensive expert knowledge and experience of creating the most detailed and compliant planning and construction drawings. We also know what your local planning authority is looking for, and can spot snags and hold ups before they even happen.  We can talk you through your plans and prepare your construction drawings – contact us today to discuss your build and put your imagination onto paper, then into bricks and mortar with our award-winning structural engineering services.

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