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Do I Need to Serve Party Wall Notice?

If the work that you are having done on your property will have an impact on the structure or is close to a shared wall or boundary, then you have a legal requirement to serve your adjoining neighbour or neighbours with a notice. This notice will give details of all the work that is to be carried out and request the consent of your neighbours for the work to be carried out.

Your neighbours can consent to the work being carried out, give their consent but ask for a schedule of condition or dissent while requesting a full party wall award which should include a schedule of condition.

It is the responsibility of the owner, who wants the work done, to pay for whatever choice is made by the adjoining owner.

Are there Benefits to Having a Party Wall Award in London?

There are benefits to both you and the adjoining owner if there is a party wall award.

Both owners will be protected in the event that a schedule of condition is carried out. This means that if there is an issue, for example if a crack were to appear in the shared wall (whether this occurs while the building work is taking place or in the years after), that there is a record that will document the condition of the wall prior to the work taking place. This is done in the form of photographs so that the original condition of the wall is fully documented.

As a legal document, the party wall award will normally be contained within the schedule of condition. This allows a surveyor to award any necessary compensation while the owner avoids any potentially expensive legal action being taken to court. Any documentation and photographs are retained by the surveyor indefinitely.

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When working with AC Design Solutions, we will begin with an initial assessment which will allow us to produce a party wall award. We will visit you and conduct a schedule of condition survey which includes a condition report. We then put together a package for you that includes all the building plans.

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