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Innovative Solutions to Build Efficient Structures

Sound structural engineering assures efficiency and stability, but excellent structural engineering does all of this and doesn’t compromise a buildings aesthetic appeal. At AC Design Solutions, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence.

With a strong reputation of providing innovative solutions, our structural engineering services are high impact but low cost. We specialise in bringing your vision to life and go out of our way to ensure we exceed your expectations.

If you’re looking for a fully professional service from experienced and certified structural engineers, please don’t hesitate to arrange a free consultation.

Dynamic Structural Engineering Services

There’s so much that goes into constructing a building, but most people only see the finished result and fail to recognise how intricate the process is.

Whether it’s a residential project or an outdoor structure that combines earth and rock technology, every structure must be stable, reliable and sustainable.

Our structural engineering consultants will evaluate a current structure or plan a new one and give you peace of mind that it will deliver sustainability for years to come.

Building Testing & Performance Evaluation

Unstable building structures can be complex challenges for construction teams, but our structural consultants specialise in identifying potential areas of weakness and developing solutions to resolve the issue.

We’ll conduct structural surveys offering a complete analysis of your buildings current condition and a report detailing any areas of concern.

Our structural engineers demonstrate technical excellence when analysing a building and look at other essential design elements such as structural efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement.

Geotechnical Design and Engineering

It doesn’t matter where you live or the type of weather your construction is exposed to; we specialise in delivering effective solutions and detailed design techniques that will ensure your structure withstands the test of time.

The UK is known for its volatile climate, but our commitment to structural engineering means you can rest assured that your construction will be safe.

Whether it’s a new build housing development, commercial offices or a temporary outdoor structure, our engineers can provide general consultancy or assist you through the entire construction process.

Planning & Structural Design

If you’re working on a construction project from the ground up or updating your current building, there are many things to consider. The design process can be complicated, especially when you have to factor in aesthetic appeal, structural efficiency and sustainability.

Our consultants will work with architects and construction managers to define a plan of action, which includes:

Feasibility Studies: Evaluating whether the current design of your structure promotes stability and provides practical solutions that don’t compromise the aesthetics.

Structural Design: Our civil and structural consultants excel in creating effective designs for residential, commercial and agricultural building projects. Using a mixture of technical experience and complex geometry, we promote safety and stability at every corner.

Sourcing Materials: Some materials work better than others, depending on your building type and its location. Our service includes support for choosing suitable materials that offer sustainability and durability.

Why Choose AC Design Solutions?

Ten years ago, we decided to focus on building an engineering company that focuses on three things:



Safe Structures

Since that time, we’ve had the please of supporting clients with residential, commercial and industrial projects, providing effective solutions to ensure the safe construction of any building.

Working with us means you can access structural engineers that specialise in applying the first principles of engineering and eliminating constraints.

Our Structural Engineers Work Closely With Your Team

Construction projects are often immense, with a range of professionals working in collaboration. Our engineer consultants work with companies in the public and private sectors, providing civil and structural services.

We’ll always consult with your architects, builders and contractors to make sure the structural design of your building remains safe.

We don’t just deliver solutions; we create them, so if you’re finding your project is a challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist team.

Design Work That Lasts

With every country in the world suffering from the effects of climate change, it’s essential to ensure that every single element of your building – from the foundations to exterior design elements – will last in any condition.

We’ll always go out of our way to ensure your building meets the structural requirements, and our team of specialists excel at creative problem-solving.

Sharing Expertise to Facilitate Safe Design

Structural engineering is a specialist field, and our experts have a real passion for what they do. Regardless of the industry you’re building in; we know that everything from the foundations to fixtures and fittings must be secure.

We often see preventable disasters occurring due to poor design practices, but our engineers have international experience and bring their technical excellence to all construction projects.

We Implement & Practice Health & Safety Guidelines

Our team will work with architects, construction crews, and designers to ensure that all health and safety guidelines are met.

Whether you’re working on a house, office, warehouse or outdoor project, we have a comprehensive understanding of developing and maintaining a safe working space.

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We’ll discuss our structural engineering services in more detail and explain how we can help you.

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