Structural Engineering Barnet

Barnet is expected to be the largest London borough in terms of population within the next decade. With this projected growth, there are new builds and property developments across Barnet. 


If you are looking to develop, extend or convert a property in Barnet, you will be doing so in a very desirable area. Barnet is popular as it incorporates a mix of green space with city living, boasting great transport links in and out of the city and therefore across the rest of the UK.

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What Structural Engineering do you Cover in Barnet and Across the UK?

We offer a wide range of structural engineering services including:

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What Expertise do we have in Barnet?

As a company, we strive to offer the best service for all of our clients. We aim to make your project as simple for you as possible. 

We have experts who have worked in Barnet and the surrounding areas on varying projects who have the best experience and knowledge to help. 

When it comes to structural engineering, AC Design Solutions can assist you with new builds, loft conversions, private home alterations and business properties. 

If you are concerned about the type of property that you are developing or working on, speak to our consultants to see how we can help as we have the facilities to work on new, historic and temporary structures.

If you anticipate that you will be faced with structural problems, or that your project is unusual, this is no problem.

Steel Structural Engineering Barnet

AC Design Solutions have access to design tools, specialised teams and have years of experience to assist with your structural engineering designs. 


Safety is at the forefront of our minds and we out measures in place to achieve complete safety during all of the projects we work on. This starts in the planning process and extends to the actual build.

All aspects are considered and prepared for so that you can experience ease and reliability.


Recent Projects

Quality Work at Affordable Rates.

AC Design Solutions provide quality service with the most competitive rates in the UK. 

Give us a call for a chat about your structural engineering plans and we can see what we can do to help

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