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The London Borough of Islington is possibly one of the most sought-after residential areas in the capital in terms of what it offers by way of restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Gisla’s Hill, or Gislandune at the turn of the 11th century, the name mutated through Isledon – still in use as late as the 17th century – through to Islington. Two major roads through the centre of Islington either currently or historically were known as ‘Street’ – Upper Street, and Lower Street (now Essex Road) – suggesting earlier, Roman occupation. Just a mile and a half from St. Paul’s, Islington was within the estates of the Bishop of London, and even in mediaeval times was known for substantial manor houses.

Sadler’s Wells was a famed spring on monastic land, claimed to cure ailments. Richard Sadler opened a popular theatre in 1683, and there has been an entertainment venue on the site ever since, with very few periods of disuse.

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Building Regulations in Islington Made Simple.

At AC Design Solutions London, we understand how important it is to undertake a design and building project and complete it in a way that realises the client’s dream house into reality. Whether you are building a house for your personal use and you want to build your dream home, or if you are a property developer and wish to build multiple, high-end houses to rent or put up for sale, we can help you out. Simply contact us and we can discuss your unique needs and provide you a fair quote.

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Our Process in Islington

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Building Regulation Work in Islington Done Right.

We put our heart and soul into any building project that we take on. This is why our customers enjoy working with us—we take their projects seriously.

Our team of professionals have experience working with a wide range of local and commercial projects, which has equipped them with the tools they need to unlock the true potential of your property and create a design that is both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

We talk to our clients in great detail about their goals and how they want the project to be completed. We then assess the complexity and give a fair quote, taking into account various factors that the client has provided, and the project needs.

Why Choose Us?

You can trust us to take care of all the boring, time-consuming details that usually take up a huge portion of time if attempted by individuals that are not well-versed with the laws, regulations and other such details.

In any building design and development project, we use the client’s specific requirements as the compass that navigates us in the right direction, while making sure that both functionality and aesthetic factors are taken into account.

There is nothing worse than a company that takes your project as something that just needs to be completed, disregarding the emotional attachment of the client to the undertaking. At AC Design Solutions, we approach each project with the enthusiasm and passion akin to that of a child, and the experience of a pro. We care about your project and will commit to it until it is finished and you are happy with the result.

We keep up a constant stream of communication with the client and make sure that they are updated with how we are proceeding with the project at each stage. The first stages of design include the most detailed discussions with the client to ensure that we are in the same page. After that, it is a smooth ride for the customers as they can simply relax and trust us to complete what we have guaranteed them.

For us, no detail is trivial and we ensure that every aspect is tailored according to the client’s specifications.

If you want to find to choose a reliable service that completes your project efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner, contact AC Design Solutions today. We guarantee that you will not leave disappointed.

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Quality Work. Affordable Rates.

No, paying for our services will not break your bank in the process. We aim to provide top-notch service in the most competitive rates in the UK, so that you can enjoy a high quality experience without losing all of your money. We discuss and assess the complexity of your project and provide you with a fair quote.

Whether you are maximising the space or wish to add value to your property so that you can reap profits in the future, using our services is just the right option for you.

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