New Build Planning Permission London

New build planning permission can be a challenging task, particularly in London. AC Design Solutions can help you with the process, even if you have been issued with a refusal. We ensure that attaining new build planning permission is a simple and easy process from start to finish.

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How to Start a New Build Planning Application in London

If you are planning to build a residential building that did not exist before, this is classed as a new build and you will need to obtain new build planning permission. 

The legal requirements surrounding a new build is different to permission for conversions and changes to an existing property. If you are investigating whether or not you can build a ‘new’ property in London, AC Design Solutions can work with you to help you gain new build planning permission.

New build planning permission will cover you whether you are looking to build a property to live in, rent out or as an investment.

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How To Get Planning Permission Approved

Being equipped with the knowledge and understanding necessary to have your new build planning permission approved is key. Working with AC Design Solutions means that your application will be processed with our expertise and extensive knowledge of the process.

Without the required planning permission, you will not be able to move forward with your project, which is where AC Design Solutions can help. We know what is required in order to have your new build planning permission approved and will be able to do the research, writing and design to ensure that your proposal stands the best chance of being approved.

Our team of professionals will be able to help you avoid mistakes and errors that could result in higher costs further down the line.

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What to Consider When Applying for New Build Planning Permission

New build planning permission grants you the right to build a property of a specified size via a planning application with the help of an architect and planning consultant. There are a number of aspects to be considered during this process, which is referred to as ‘material planning considerations’. 

Material planning considerations include:

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Why Apply for New Build Planning Permission in London?

There are many advantages to building your own home, particularly in locations such as London. 

The housing market in big cities are already dense and the choice of properties to buy may not meet your personal needs. Designing and building your own home means that you can create something that works to your own aesthetic, along with being a functional living space created for your lifestyle. 

Not only will you be able to design the living space in terms of the build, you have the freedom to choose all of your own finishes, interior design, storage space and any bespoke touches that you might not find when purchasing an existing property.

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