Party Wall Barnet

The housing market in Barnet is on the rise, with suggestions that it will be the biggest borough in London population-wise within the next ten years, housing and property development is welcome in this borough.

If you are planning to make changes to your property, you may need to think about any party walls. You may benefit from hiring a party wall surveyor who can help you negotiate your way through any potential problems which may arise.

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Would I need to serve Party Wall Notice in Barnet?

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If you are going ahead with a project which impacts a shared wall or boundary, it is necessary for you to serve your neighbour with a notice. This notice is required by law and therefore needs to be handled carefully. Any problems that arise from party wall arrangements could result in costs in the future, therefore it is advised that you follow the process and ensure all steps are followed.

Your neighbours have the right to request a schedule of condition which is proof of the state of the wall of boundary prior to any work being carried out. This protects you both from future problems.

It is the responsibility of the owner making changes to their property to pay for the documentation for the party wall.

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Are there benefits to having a Party Wall award in Barnet?

Party wall awards protect you and your neighbour by documenting with photos and evidence the state of the wall before any structural work begins.

This is looked after by a surveyor who files the evidence for you indefinitely incase they are ever needed in a dispute.

It is really important to ensure that the party wall award process is thought through and that all evidence and agreements are legal and put in place.

AC Design Solutions are able to help you with this process.

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Our Services

We will carry out an assessment to ensure that we have all of the required information and visit you to conduct a schedule of condition survey.

This survey will include the condition report mentioned before, which shows the condition of the wall or boundary. We will then put this information together for you to be included in the building plans for your building work.

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