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With significant regeneration in recent years and future plans to continue development, Hammersmith is the perfect London borough to plan property development including conversions and new builds. The local area has had investment in areas such as education, housing and job opportunities which has made Hammersmith a prime location in London.

Hammersmith is situated in south west London and despite being close to the centre of the city, Hammersmith is actually the third smallest borough in terms of both size and population. Average house prices in Hammersmith are higher than the outer boroughs of London due to the location and the abundant transport links available.

Adding a conversion to a property in Hammersmith will help to add value, or if you are looking to start a new build project, this is the ideal location for facilities and travel.

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Would I need to serve Party Wall Notice in Hammersmith?

Any work to be carried out on your home which could affect the structure of a party wall or shared boundary will require party wall notice.

This notice is to inform your neighbours of your plans and allow them to consent to the work, or request a Party Wall Award. A Party Wall Award details the condition of the wall prior to any structural work or changes to the property.

It is the person wanting to carry out work that is responsible for payment if a Party Wall Award is requested.

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Are there benefits to having a Party Wall award in Hammersmith?

The benefits of having a Party Wall Award are that you are protected if any problems arise in the future.

The Party Wall Award is designed to document the condition of the wall or boundary before any work is carried out. If a problem were then to arise in the future, these documents are available if needed for reference.

In the instance that there is a problem, you will be able to prove the condition of the wall or boundary easily.

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Our Services

When working with you to assess your party wall, we will carry out an assessment and come and visit you in order to conduct a condition survey. This will include a report which details the condition of the party wall or boundary and will be stored by a solicitor.
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