Structural Engineering London

Structural engineering is a substantial part of the work that we carry out and is the heart of much of the building work that we undertake, whether that be working with commercial or domestic clients.

AC Design Solutions have a highly qualified team of engineers with years of experience of structural engineering. The team play a significant role in both the design and construction of the projects we undertake, working alongside a team of architects and other professionals to create designs that deliver solutions for our clients that are not only innovative but also cost effective.

What Structural Engineering do you Cover in London and across the UK?

We offer a wide range of structural engineering services including:

What Expertise do we have in London?

At AC Design Solutions, we are passionate about the work we undertake. We believe in high quality engineering and whether we are working on the simplest engineering project, or the most complex, we ensure that all of our expertise is applied to the work that we do. 

Our expertise in the field of structural engineering encompasses all types of structural projects. We have worked on everything from new builds of private homes, loft conversions, including any timber joist work that might be necessary for the regeneration of business properties.

We work on a variety of structures; temporary, historic or new. We draw on the very latest design techniques when working on each project. 

In our line of work we are all too often called upon to solve structural challenges for some of the more unusual projects and as with any task that we undertake, we tackle these challenges with a high level of professional to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients.

Steel Structural Engineering London

We offer a complete structural steel connection design service that incorporates our structural steel fabricators and main contractors. Our team has years of industry experience, enabling us to better understand how to design connections that are structurally sound.

We use various programs and different software when working on challenging connections to test whether the designs can be fabricated and then implemented structurally. 

With our team looking after your structural engineering project, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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