New Build Planning Permission London

Whether you are simply building your own home or you are a developer pursuing a new residential project, you are probably engaged in a very stressful planning process. Part of the problem is the local government regulations that you have to comply with before you can begin the building process. One of these regulations is that you may have to obtain a planning permission to build a new house. In fact, in most cases you’ll probably need to.

What is a New Build House?

A new build house is a residential building that didn’t exist in any shape or form. Therefore any legal requirements pertaining to a new build house will not apply to conversions or changes to be made to an existing building. The term is familiar to most people as the government has been trying to boost the number built in order to stabilize the housing market.

You will need the same permissions whether you are building a new house to live in, rent or to invest in.

But getting a planning permission for a new house is no easy task. It requires hours of research, writing and design as well as hours of review and collaborative problem solving just to apply successfully. As you can already guess, trying to complete this process without professional help can lead to all sorts of headaches and mistakes that can be costly in the future. And, you certainly can’t skip the process since you will not even be able to begin construction without permission planning.

The Best Thing to Do…

The best advice we can give you in this instance is to seek the help of professional consultants and planning consultants who are better equipped to understand how this process works. It is also advisable, to try and understand as much of the process as you can yourself. This way you will be better placed to understand the actions your chosen consultants ask you to take.

What is Planning Permission?

Having planning permissions means that the local authority has granted you the rights to build on a certain property of a specified size. To get this permission to build a new house, you must submit a planning application which you can complete with the help of professional architectural tecnhologists and planning consultants.

Certain issues are taken into account when deciding to grant you the planning permission. These issues are also referred to as ‘’material planning considerations.” Some or all of the following material considerations may be related to your project;

  • The loss of sunlight
  • The loss of privacy or the expected loss of privacy
  • Noise or disturbanc
  • The effect your project will have on other buildings and the conservation area
  • The layout and density of building design, finishing materials and visual appearance
  • Highway issues if there are any highways in the area
  • The loss of trees or any other effect the development will have on trees
  • The storage or handling of any hazardous materials and the development of contaminated land

Why New Build House?

In the already dense housing market in the UK, it may be strange to choose to build a new house especially with all the regulations you must comply with in order to build the house. Yet, there are several reasons why some people choose to build new homes. Some of them include the following; 

  1. Bespoke Living You may want to build a new house so that you can enjoy the numerous benefits of a home that is both aesthetically and functionally designed specifically for you. It can be hard to find a house in the market that can meet all your requirements from the layout, lighting, finishes and centerpieces that it is not uncommon to find people with the means choosing to build a new home, rather than buy an existing one. And, sometimes it becomes necessary to build a new home if the available ones don’t meet your special needs. For example, you may require a home with single-floor living if you are on a wheelchair.
  2. Affordable Housing In certain cases, it can be relatively cheaper to build your own home as opposed to buying a house already on the market. Building a house with the materials you can afford creates a relatively great way to become a home owner in your own terms. 


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