Structural Engineering Ealing

With a growing population and economic expansion across the borough, Ealing is a great place for residential property along with business developments. 


Advantageous rail links and abundant amenities should put Ealing at the top of your list for potential build and conversion projects.

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What Structural Engineering do you Cover in Ealing and across the UK?

We offer a range of structural engineering services:

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What expertise do we have in Ealing?

When you are planning renovations on your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where AC Design Solutions can help. We guide you through the process from start to end and ensure that you understand what is required and what needs to be done. 

If you live in Ealing or are planning to start structural engineering in the Ealing area, give us a call and we can help you with your project, whether that be a domestic or business development. 

AC Design Solutions work on historical structures, new builds and even temporary structures and are able to overcome the challenges that arise during structural engineering.

Steel Structural Engineering Ealing

The service we provide includes design and structural engineering planning. We can provide contractors and steel fabricators who have a vast amount of experience in the field. 

The tools we use help support our experts and make the process simple for you. Our understanding and experience means that we will handle the project in the planning stages as well as on-site. 


At AC Design Solutions, we pride ourselves on being professional and dependable, giving our clients and everyone we work with impressive service backed up with great results.

Recent Projects

Quality Work at Affordable Rates.

AC Design Solutions understand the importance of quality work and reliable experts, which is why we only use the best. 

Our quotes are tailored to your individual project so give us a call today to tell us your plans and let us help. 

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