If your rushing to build a single storey extension before 30th May 2019 because you have heard they will stop it you can now be at ease. You can now take advantage of the new Legislation. Part 1 Class A has been amended so that larger home extension which are assessed after 25th May 2019 will now not have a deadline to complete on or before 30 May 2019. In Layman Permitted Development are now made permanent. An added bonus the developer need not to notify the Local Authority on completion of the development.

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted development is a type which allows householder to build without requiring full planning permission. It is always advisable to obtain a lawful development certificate this will give you the peace of mind that the extension you’re building complies. We can help with your architectural requirement and avoid any potential complication which may arise if a lawful certificate was not obtained

Can I build a six or eight metre larger extension without planning

larger extensions is now part of Permitted development the developer would still need a prior approval. The developer has to seek approval from the local planning authority that specified element of the developments are okay before work can be carried out. The six metre or eight metre larger extension will still be a neighbourhood consultation scheme, which means the neighbours can still object to this which in effect can throw the whole application out the window.

What is a neighbour consultation scheme?

This is where the architectural consultant fill in all the required document send it to the local planning authority, the local authority will write to your neighbours adjoining owners, anyone you share a boundary with side and back. The local authority will give them 21 days to raise any objections

If there are no objection may comply with the relevant criteria under permitted development rights and larger extension scheme, however there are other matter to be look into aswell.

  1. The maximum height to the eaves to be 3m and the maximum height of any extension to be 4m
  2. There should be no first extension currently in place where you plan to build this six metre extension
  3. If your are adjoining to an existing extension the maximum your can extend 8 metre on a detached house and six metre on any other dwelling except flats as they do not have a permitted development rights
  4. Larger extension do not apply to houses within conservation area or have an article 4 direction and must obtain householder planning permission

Will this application cost money?

This prior application will not be chargeable with the council in the sum of £96 plus planning drawings and detailed drawings.

How can AC Design solutions help?

Unless you have knowledge with the planning policies in and outs then you may be fine however this scheme is daunting there are a lot of set back and complications. There can be enforcement orders put against your property if you fail to meet the requirement. This is why it helps to have a planning consultant on board to iron out any potential issues. Our team will complete the project from inception to completion. We will work with you to deliver the best possible outcome for your property, we will complete your planning Permission and structural engineering requirements. It does not stop there we also will build your project if you choose our building service.

Want a quick quote head on over to our quick quote to obtain one now. If you need advice pick up the phone and give us a call we will advise you and help you through and struggles.