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Barnet is a suburban London borough in North London, England. It forms part of Outer London and is the largest London borough by population with 384,774 inhabitants and covers an area of 86.74 square kilometres, the fourth highest.

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At AC Design Solutions London, we understand how important it is to undertake a design and building project and complete it in a way that realises the client’s dream house into reality. Whether you are building a house for your personal use and you want to build your dream home, or if you are a property developer and wish to build multiple, high-end houses to rent or put up for sale, we can help you out. Simply contact us and we can discuss your unique needs and provide you a fair quote.

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We have worked with clients seeking planning permission in London for many years and have a thorough understanding of what is required. 

Using industry software and utilising our experts, we are able to put together an application quickly and simply. CAD drawings, Building Industry Modelling and information models are one of the things that we can do to help you with your planning permission application. 

Our professional team will be able to discuss your requirements and your plans to ensure that everything is covered.

Grant Planning Permission

  • we assign a dedicated senior planner to your project
  • We assign a personal and experienced project manager to your project
  • We complete, submit and manage your application
  • We liaise with your council
  • We prepare and provide building regulations drawings
  • We provide calculations and specification reports
  • We Provide construction notes
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Our Process

As with other London boroughs, the London Borough of Barnet has conservation areas where you should be aware that some works will either need to comply more strictly with local planning authority guidelines, or will not be permitted at all. Conservation areas are those which have specific interest from a historic or nature point of view. Within Barnet, some of the conservation areas are covered by what is called an Article 4 direction, which means that even permitted development rights might be restricted. This doesn’t mean that you can’t carry out works, but you are required to seek planning permission for any building

works where you might otherwise not have had to do so. There are 10 such areas within Barnet, and you should clarify whether your property is affected by contacting the local planning authority. In some areas within the London Borough of Barnet, permitted development rights are not just restricted, but have been removed altogether.

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Whether you are maximising the space or wish to add value to your property so that you can reap profits in the future, using our services is just the right option for you.
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