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Gerrards Cross is located outside of London, but it’s close proximity and transport links means that it is a great place for commuters. The town has a definite cosmopolitan roots, but also has a strong feel of a countryside town.

Gerrards Cross is a great location for commuters who want to move further out of London and who want to experience family life at a slower pace with greener spaces completely separate from those in the centre of the capital.

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Would I need to serve Party Wall Notice in Gerrards Cross?

If you are altering your property and a party wall or boundary is involved, it is important to serve party wall notice so that your neighbours are aware of what work is going to be carried out and how this can effect them.

Your neighbours may want to request for a Party Wall Award which looks at the state of the wall or boundary before and work starts. If this is the case, it will be your responsibility to organise this.

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Are there benefits to having a Party Wall award in Gerrards Cross?

When you undertake any work on your property that may impact on a party wall or boundary, it is important to ensure that you have given your neighbours the appropriate notice.

This notice details what you plan to do and how the party wall or boundary may be affected. At this point, your neighbours can choose whether to request a Party Wall Award. This award records the state of the party wall or boundary before any work has commenced. This way both parties are protected if anything is to happen in the future. The state of the party wall is recorded in documents with photographs to highlight the current state and these documents are kept by a solicitor. 

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Our Services

AC Design Solutions will be able to help you if you are needing to address a party wall or boundary as a part of your project plans.

We can come to you for an initial assessment and will then follow up with a report which is looked after by a solicitor in the event it is ever needed.

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