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Ealing has the third highest population of the London boroughs and possesses excellent transport links.

Being so well linked in terms of transport, Ealing is a great place to live when commuting as travel time into the city has been reduced over the years. Shorter commutes and better housing makes Ealing extremely desirable.

If you live in the area and are looking to expand your current home, or you want to build something completely new for residential or business purposes, AC Design Solutions can help.

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Would I need to serve Party Wall Notice in Ealing?

If you are carrying out work that will have an impact on a party wall or a shared boundary, you will need to serve party wall notice to your neighbours.

This notice explains the details of what you are looking to do and gives your neighbours the opportunity to accept the changes or to request more information.

Mostly, the information requested will be to request a Party Wall Award.

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Are there benefits to having a Party Wall award in Ealing?

A Party Wall Award is a legal document which outlines the details of the state of the wall or boundary before any work has begun. This is designed to protect all parties as it shows that the structure was in good condition and able to withstand the works to be carried out.

If there are issues that arise in the future, this document can be referred to in order to prove that there was no reason to believe that there would be any problems with the amendments.

A solicitor keeps this document to ensure that it is filed for any time that it may be needed.

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Our Services

We specialise in Party Wall Awards and our team of experts are highly qualified in order to help you with this process.

We will come to your property and assess the party wall or boundary and put together a report. This report will be accompanied by photographs to evidence the state of the wall prior to your project starting.

We can help you with the whole process so you won’t need to worry.

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