Why you should use an architecture company
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Why use an architecture firm

here are a number of reasons why someone will choose to use an architecture company over a sole trader. The most obvious reasons is security, with a ltd company you can research the company before and have an understanding of their financial background and read up a bit more about what they do. One of the reasons to use an architecture firm for residential drawings is their expertise with obtaining planning permission. If your in doubt with the way your builder has built the project your architect can help to project manage the build.

Below are 5 reasons why you shou


ld choose an architecture firm

We can make the best out of any room or space.

As house prices shoot sky high everyone wants to extend their London home and use every possible space. Clients tend knock out the full chimney stack in the loft to gain a few cm more, sound very odd but it really does make a difference to the room size. Small projects like flats are very compact, we have an eye for detail and will make it look bigger and feel bigger. A studio flat would benefit from have a concealed bed and concealed office fitted inside the cupboards to maximise space.

Your chosen company will go through the property, do a site survey and then ask you a set of questions i.e

What is the budget you have in mind for the build?

What would you like to build?

Would you like to open any walls?

The first question will determine the advice an architecture firm will give you. For example if you’re planning to build a 6 metre budget with only £35,000 budget in mind for the complete works then advice should be tailored to that, If you have a £35,000 the chosen company shouldn’t advice knocking out walls adding RSJ in because that may cost more yourself a lot more it would be wiser to spend the money else where.

What a customer plans to build of course goes without saying is the first question asked before visiting the property. If your customer is planning to build a 6 metre extension in a conservation area you will understand from the offset this may not be possible.

An Architecture firm will give you ideas having worked on dozens of projects they will usually have ideas you may have not considered before. If your budget is really high we can suggest creative design concepts, which will be carefully thought through with correct material the local council will approve.

Advise you

If you’re planning to buy land and want to build from the ground up we will have experience to advise you whether that build may obtain grant of approval from the local authority, prepare a cost estimate of the build project. 3D dimensional view will be drawn to show you exactly each area of the property. We can help on what ever size the project is, even if it is just adding a new window or creating a bedroom.

Design the right build

The local authority will require a design, which meets their design guide and London Plan. We are able to plan your project meticulously. We will gain permission and also make it sit in your neighbourhood surroundings and help to give it an identity of it own.

Deal with the local authority and building control

These are the most vital parts obtaining relevant permission, from designing an extension to change window on a conservation area house we deal with all of it. An architecture firm will guide you through the process step by step.

After planning permission is granted we will design how the extension is to be built which is called a full plan application. The material will be chosen and the foundations will be designed. We will design every element of the build.

As we have experience in Construction we also offer a BIM on new builds. We will design where the entire pipe work, soil pipe, electrics are to be run and connected with exactly each fitting, this will be additional charge however it will save time and hassle. Having everything designed before hand reduces potential fallback once the build is ready to go.