About us

Residential Designers in London

It not about the quantity it is about the quality. Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion. Our passion is architecture and how houses are built, we are different from the rest. We have practical experience of building the houses we designed. We don’t build offices and tall buildings but focus on what are known to do and that is residential. We turn ordinary 1930’s home into modern lucrative homes. We relish the opportunity on working on derelict properties and turning them into state of the art well insulated modern homes.

As a team of architecture consultants who are based in Wembley with a beautiful views of Wembley Stadium. We share design aesthetics and the passion of every individual client. We do not use the same design over and over again. Every house we design with interior will have its own unique characteristics tailored to that house. We spend a lot of time with our clients to understand their personalities first and then tailor everything geared towards them.

Our Strategy

Over the years we have become very well connected with the Council we work mostly with. Our strategy is based delivering a sustainable design which we could personally build. If we could personally build the design, that would mean your chosen builder would be able to implement as well. Our architecture and structural engineer team is very well knit together making sure we all understand and are available for each and every client.

Our Team

We are a London based Residential Architectural practice with breath of experience. With a rare experience of practical hands-on in construction with a creative and customer orientated ability. We concentrate on residential architecture and turn ordinary house into a contemporary London home

Zaeem Chaudhary

Managing Director, Partner

“My Passion for designing comes from having worked with AC Contractors Ltd on various sites ranging from residential to commercial. I am very energetic and focused on completing set deadlines on time; no project is seen as to big or small.”

Zaeem Chaudhary has a long and varied subjective approach. Following a law degree at BPP Law School in London, but his passion was always in architecture. Since graduation his career has been a tour around built in environment working in all types of construction projects, from warehouses to loft conversions in conservation area.